Paper Shredding 2023


The troop will quickly and thoroughly destroy business and personal documents such as tax records, bank statements, bills, and credit card receipts.

EL Harvey will use its state-of-the-art truck for this event. The truck can shred thousands of pounds of paper an hour and its advanced shredding technology ensures each shred is completed efficiently and with the highest level of security. No need to take out staples, paper clips, or other small fasteners. You can watch your documents be destroyed via closed-circuit TV right on the shredding truck to ensure your documents are properly destroyed! All shredded material will be recycled, so you’ll be protecting the environment while protecting your identity.

  • The cost of the service is:
        • $5.00/grocery store bag
        • $10.00/banker/copy paper box (fits 5-gallon container)
        • $15/large bank box (fits 17-gallon container).  

Scouts will unload your materials, weigh them, and bring them to the shredder.

Cardboard boxes will be returned.

Papers items only ~ can have staples and paper clips but no binder clips.

Funds raised will be used to support the activities of Stow Scouts Troop 1. Neighboring town residents are encouraged to participate.

Please contact the troop at 978-212-9175 or send an email to with any questions.

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